Data-driven solutions to supercharge efficiency, maximize profits, and protect the environment.

Our mission

Quite simply, with the stupendous results seen by our academic team’s work, it would have been rude not to make Signol. With strong foundations in economics, environmental problem-solving, psychology, and social impact, our mission is to make a big difference to the world through proven changes in behavior, productivity, and happiness. The simple stuff. Signol hits all of this in the right way, along with the lifeblood of any firm: profits. We truly believe we’ve tapped into a special solution – one that could make a real difference to organizational problems – and a moneymaker.

Our Story

Randomized controlled trial

Built Signol

Raised funding

Signol is market ready


How we do what we do

We put you in control of our expertise. Your happiness is our success.


Lean, interdisciplinary teams from Signol work closely with your key staff, systems, and data to build a customizable Signol for you. After testing, we can launch under trial conditions (with a control group) or provide the service to everyone.


We know that priorities may differ from organization to organization, so we’ll work with you to determine the best plan of action for achieving your specific goals and outcomes. If things don’t seem quite right, we’ve got a team of fixers at the ready to iterate quickly and seamlessly without skipping a beat. Open communication is vital to any good working relationship, and you’ll find that it is baked into everything we do from day one.